Our services

We offer a full range of accounting and tax services needed by the SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprises). Depending on your circumstances and needs, we will tailor-make a solution to suit your specific requirements. We offer a free of charge first consultation to understand your situation and do an in-depth needs analysis.

We normally charge a fixed monthly fee which makes it easier for clients to budget and therefore avoiding unnecessary surprises.

Please contact us and request a quote!!!!!

Close Corporations

Let's get the accounts up to date and ensure that  your entity is statutory compliant. If not, CIPC will start the de-registration process. Contact me to avoid de-registration and get great accounting services while you are at it.

Let us take control of your accounts.

  • Implementing an appropriate accounting system (if it is not in place)
  • Implementing an accurate and easy to access filing system.
  • Validating your current accounting system and ensuring that it is accurate.
  • Ensuring that your Closed Corporation is statutory compliant.
  • Ensuring that your registration with the CPIC is in good standing.
  • Getting your company SARS compliant.
  • Giving you piece of mind by knowing that every accounting aspect of your business is taken care of.

Start-up Business Package

Statistics have proven that 87% of new business owners needs assistance on the accounting side of their business. We have designed an affordable start-up package that will let you focus on your business while we take care of the crucial foundation that your business will rest on.

We will take care of the following:

  • Business registration with the CIPC
  • VAT registration with SARS – submitting all the relevant documentation.
  • UIF, PAYE and SDL registrations.
  • Payroll implementation.
  • Setting up your new books to your specific needs.
  • Expert financial advice ensuring a healthy cash flow.
  • Asset management planning.

Accounting & Financial Management

We render the following accounting and financial management services:

  • Daily, monthly and annual bookkeeping
  • Invoicing, bank reconciliation, debtors & creditors
  • Monthly management information pack. Customised to your needs. Tax optimisation always included.
  • Acting as accounting officer for closed corporations
  • Catch-up and backdated accounting
  • External financial statement preparation
  • Annual financial statements


I am a registered accountant and therefore qualified and experienced to be your tax practitioner. We render the following tax services:

  • Monthly compliance & returns:
    • VAT
    • PAYE (employees tax), UIF & SDL (EMP201)
  • Income tax: Provisional, Annual returns, SARS liaison & correspondence
  • Tax registration; tax clearance certificates
  • Corporate & personal tax
  • Tax advice


We render the following payroll services:

  • IRP 5 Reconciliations to SARS - Bi-annually
  • Monthly Paye, sdl & uif
  • Payslips
  • IRP 5s to employees

Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)

We render the following BEE services:

  • Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) Certificates
  • QSE Scorecard and Certificate
  • Generic Scorecard and Certificate
  • Industry Charter Scorecards
  • BEE Profiling of industries

Other Business Functions

We render other business/ad hoc services:

  • General business advice
  • Company secretarial functions:
    • Company registrations
    • Changes to name, members / directors, etc
    • Annual returns
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